Thursday, February 20, 2003


A doctor who refused to artificially inseminate a lesbian on religious grounds is being sued for discrimination. Although Dr. Christine Brody referred Guadalupe Benitez to a doctor without such moral qualms, Benitez could not let such a slap to her homosexual dignity slide:
Disgusted with Brody's faith-based refusal to impregnate her, Benitez sued Brody and the NCWMG based on a California law designed to prevent discrimination by business establishments and health care providers. A San Diego trial dismissed the lawsuit in 1999, saying it was without merit.

Of course the dismissal was appealed:
"Guadalupe's doctors are entitled to hold any personal religious belief they choose," said Jennifer Pizer, senior staff attorney for Lambda Legal. "But health care providers do not have the right to refuse medically appropriate treatment to a patient based on what they claim are personal religious beliefs about particular people."

The homosexual lobby also attacks from the parenting front, continuing their effort to normalize homosexual parenting:
[Dr. Kenneth Haller, president of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association] claims that Dr. Brody's Christian faith and morals are at odds with current medical literature and studies regarding homosexual parenting.

"The medical literature is quite clear that children of same-sex parents do just as well as kids of opposite-sex partners in their psychological, physical and spiritual developments. Even so, there [are] those who refuse to believe it," Haller said. "Worse, how can physicians, of all people, let their personal beliefs influence their delivery of appropriate medical care?"

Artificial insemination is 'appropriate medical care'? This is elective medical care by anyone's criteria--I'm sure that Dr. Brody would have been eager to help a lesbian having a heart attack.

This continues a systematic effort to marginalize people of faith from mainstream society. Those who practice religious beliefs must be supplanted by those with alternate lifestyles. If we couple this with the recent Texas Tech recommendation letter fiasco, we can see that those who fail to tow the liberal line in the medical field are to be removed. How long will it be before doctors cannot refuse to perform abortions because of moral problems?

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