Saturday, March 29, 2003


Director of the Civil War (aka, The War of Northern Aggression) epic 'Gods & Generals' contends that liberal movie critics have systematically attempted to suppress the movie:
[Ron] Maxwell believes his "unorthodox" portrayal of the South and of unapologetic Christianity were not palatable to the majority of movie critics, who essentially "suppressed" the film with politically motivated reviews.

The movie portrays the South, particularly General 'Stonewall' Jackson, as people of profound religious faith, real people not goose-stepping nazis. That's not the accepted version of the South, of course. A positive portrayal of the South coupled with a positive portrayal of Christian faith is not going to set well with those who have immersed themselves in the hedonistic Hollywood outlook.

A friend of mine went to see the movie and commented, 'I can't believe they allowed that movie to be made and shown.' (he means that as a compliment to the movie) Another friend commented that the movie used God's name, not in vain, more times in the first ten minutes than in every other Hollywood production of the past three years combined.

For a knowledgeable review of the movie read what my former teacher Prof. Clyde Wilson has to say. Then go support a movie that stands as a genuine attempt to bypass the anti-religious Hollywood mainstream.

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