Friday, February 18, 2005


My apologies to theosebes readers (both of you!) for my recent infrequent posting. I've fought through a bought of what was likely the flu, and just as I was getting over it was hit with a nasty cold (still working on that one). In the midst of that, I flew down to the Florida College lectures in Tampa, FL, which was my first time at the annual event.

The reason for my trip, and the cause of more busy-ness is an upcoming evangelism trip to India. Those who are going met at the lectures to discuss plans for the trip. This past Tuesday I booked a round trip flight from Birmingham to Bombay for May. It should be an exciting time. I'm very much looking forward to it, but a bit nervous as you might imagine.

Can anyone recommend good books on India?

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Jordana said...

I hope your trip to India is fruitful. I'm sure it will be an great experience.

My grandfather-in-law used to go on mission trips there, among other places, and has many interesting stories to tell.