Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Horror and pornography writer Anne Rice has a book about Jesus in the works:
Rice, 63, of Kenner, La., said she's in the final stages of her latest book, "Christ the Lord," expected to be released Nov. 1, and it takes her down an entirely new path.

"It's set in first-century Palestine with Jesus as a child, beginning at age 7," Rice said.

She said the novel fills in the gap of Jesus' life before the Gospel accounts.

Rice said the book is a departure from the vampires and witches her fans have come to expect, but she sees it as part of her spiritual journey.

"They like supernatural heroes, and (Jesus) is one. They like outsiders, and he is one," she said. "I hope and pray they'll see the continuity, and they'll like it."


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anne Rice said...

On Christ the Lord by Anne Rice. Some of us believe he was and is the Son of God. And what is wrong with writing a novel which tries to make the Son of God completely believable to people who perhaps never thought of Him before or who have relegated their "belief" in Him to something entirely symbolic? For me in Christ the Lord, Jesus is the son of the Virgin Mary, the child visited by shepherds and the magi, who grows up in an intensely coherent Jewish world, and finds himself a child of miracles. A bad idea? I think it is the ultimate idea -- my life has led to this.