Saturday, July 02, 2005


Make sure you bring your laptop next time you go to services in Cardiff, Wales, which now has wi-fi for parishioners:
Last rites administered via e-mail? Donations to the collection plate made through PayPal? It doesn't sound that far-fetched when you consider what's happening at St. John's Church in Cardiff, Wales.

The church has installed wireless Internet access so worshippers can surf the Web and check their e-mail while singing praises to the Almighty.

The Rev. Keith Kimber, a computer buff, said he hopes the high-speed connection will encourage more business types to join his flock and to linger in the peace of the sanctuary.

He said people inside the church had been unable to access the city's wireless services because of its 4-foot-thick walls.

Kimber said that turning high-tech is a natural reaction to changing times.

"Why is this more interesting than a church having electricity or a telephone or sewers?" he asked. "It's another piece of infrastructure appropriate and useful to the times we live in."

You'll keep 'em with what you draw 'em with.

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