Thursday, September 08, 2005

Quote of the day:
"don't make it illegal for us to look at your underage daughters and then dress your underage daughters up like whores for us to look at."

What some fathers let their daughters wear is beyond me. Fathers (they're guys, remember?) really ought to know better.

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proudconservative said...

This is true. The great unsaid truth is that men, even Christian men, are created to notice and appreciate the sexually mature female form. Christian men want to deny that this is so.
This denial only serves to keep them quiet on the issue of female immodesty. Their silence seems to preserve the myth of their absolute, monolithic, "I'm not even tempted!" piety. So the voices of mature, reasoned, Christian men are silent on this issue unless their voices can be raised in ways so obtuse as to be virtually useless.