Monday, November 21, 2005


Smithsonian Magazine has picked '35 Who Made a Difference', and at least one of them was an excellent choice. Fellow Kentuckian and friend Wendell Berry was chosen. I particularly enjoyed this description:
And in recent decades, he has produced a body of political thought, in a series of essays and speeches, that is so Jeffersonian it seems almost un-American in today's world.


(And congratulations!)

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Wild Bill said...

I've been meaning to read some of Berry's work. Nice reminder to do so.

Still, I can't help but wonder (as I did in reading James Everett Kibler's piece in the November 05 issue of Chronicles, that it is one thing for a writer who makes his living from writing to make an avocation of small scale farming and another for a man to make it his livelihood to support a family. Not necessarily dismissing their position, but makes me wonder how practical that course of action is for the number of people Berry would like to see take it up. I'm sure he's said a lot more on that point.