Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Why do they always cancel the best shows? I'm not sure, but that has nothing to do with the well-deserved demiseof NBC's 'The Book of Daniel':
A new television show about a pill-popping priest who talks to Jesus has been pulled from the NBC schedule for igniting little faith from viewers after just three weeks on the air, network sources said on Tuesday.

"The Book of Daniel," starring Aidan Quinn as a conflicted Episcopal minister with a Vicodin habit, debuted to mediocre ratings January 6 and sank steadily in the Nielsens in its two subsequent broadcasts.

NBC has scheduled no further episodes beyond last Friday's telecast, and the drama, originally slated as an eight-part limited series, is not expected to return to the airwaves, network insiders said.

'Conflicted Episcopal'--isn't that redundant?

Daniel, we hardly knew ye.


Anne said...

I had a feeling it wouldn't last and I'm thankful.

Chuck Anziulewicz said...

I didn't watch it. It just didn't seem like my cup of tea.

Like so many other new shows, the producers apparently thought they had come up with something different and "edgy," only to find out that most viewers end up saying, "Meh."

Of course all the usual suspects are claiming some profound moral victory over the fact that the program was cancelled. Rather than being so smug about it, they should just recognize that this show tanked like so many other shows do: Not because TV viewers are Puritans, but because the show just wasn't very good.

Me, I just want a show that will make me laugh. How I dearly miss "Frasier."

Anonymous said...

I agree about the cancellation not being a moral victory, Chuck. You just can't make that claim when Desperate Housewives is still at the top of the charts. Maybe Book of Daniel will be picked up by Fox.

- Mitch