Monday, July 03, 2006


When the final sarcophagus was opened, there was no mummy. There was a treasure instead:
Archaeologists on Wednesday fully unveiled the first ancient chamber discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings in more than 80 years, and cracked open the last of seven sarcophagi inside to reveal embalming materials and jewelry.

"This is even better than finding a mummy — it's a treasure," said chief curator Nadia Lokma, beaming at the sarcophagus packed with fragile remains that would crumble into dust if touched.

"It will tell us about the religious plants and herbs used by ancient Egyptians, what they wore, how they wove it, how they embalmed the dead," she said....

It is believed to be more than 3,000 years old....

Instead of the expected mummy, the coffin revealed embalming materials, dozens of necklaces made from woven flowers and various other religious artifacts.

Now that is a treasure. Who knows how much knowledge is crammed into that coffin.

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