Thursday, June 14, 2007


The Delcambre, Louisiana has passed an ordinance banning baggy pants:
A mayor in the US state of Louisiana says he will sign into law a proposal to make wearing saggy trousers an act of indecent exposure.
Delcambre town council unanimously passed the ordinance earlier this week making it a crime to wear trousers that show underwear.

"If you expose your private parts, you'll get a fine" of US$500 (£254) Mayor Carol Broussard said.

Offenders will also risk up to six months in jail.

Speaking of people who wear saggy trousers, Mr Broussard told the Associated Press news agency: "They're better off taking the pants off and just wearing a dress."

Perhaps there is hope for our nation.

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Robert L said...

Wish they would do this here in Guam. At the school I work at the kids all wear uniforms. We make the pull them up when they wear them low!