Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Forget Star Wars or Spiderman, Walmart is ready to offer Biblical action figures:
Instead of Spiderman or Bratz dolls, children in the US could soon be clutching a talking Jesus toy, a bearded Moses or a muscle-bound figure of Goliath.

From the middle of August, Wal-Mart, the biggest toy retailer in the US, will for the first time stock a full line of faith-based toys.

Actually, our daughters have had some prophet figures (complete with scrolls) for a couple of years. They really like them. Goliath and Samson I have no issue with. I'm not a big fan of a Jesus action figure, though. For obvious reasons, Jesus is different. Of course, the knock is that children will create fictional scenarios from historical figures.

What this really shows is the power of the religious community's buying power. If it wouldn't sell, Walmart wouldn't carry it.

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