Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I'm preparing for my fourth trip to India, and although I've gotten better about it each time I still always overpack. I succumb to the 'but I might need it' syndrome. No more! I've decided to go light--very light.

As always, the Internet holds a host of information; I want to direct you to a couple of places to start. First is the wonderful OneBag.com website by Doug Dyment. It's an eye-opening experience. Taking the One Bag concept into the blogosphere is the One Bag One World blog with updated tips, reviews and links. Both are highly recommended. And I'll be posting more on my personal light travel revolution as time goes on.


jdavidb said...

Wow; great resource for packrats like me. Now all I need is a similar site to help me learn to live the same way for my pilgrimage through this life on my way to the Promised Land.

(I have severe obsessive-compulsive hoarding packrat tendencies.)

Alan said...

Yes, me too. You should see my office at the moment (well, actually you shouldn't).

Robert L said...

I saw this posting about the one bag. Moving out here to Guam was a good thing. Because it means a couple of airline stops from here to the mainland and baggage claims and customs as well. I have an old Hardside samsonite suitcase with wheels. Only the essentials that for sure. Enjoy your trip to India, Alan. Wave if you fly over Guam. Robert