Wednesday, December 19, 2007


In the face of Presidential candidates like Huckabee and Romney, apparently atheist voters feel disconnected from the political process:
One presidential hopeful is a preacher, another proudly Mormon, and most openly tout their Christianity. In an arena where faith can make or break a politician, the one in 10 Americans who profess no religion feel left in the cold.

"They're very disconcerted," said Darren Sherkat, an atheist sociology professor specializing in religion at Southern Illinois University.

"They're horrified by both the Democratic and Republican rhetoric surrounding religion -- that people who are not religious ... are immoral, that they're not qualified to serve in public office," he said.

Well, they do have Hillary don't they?

At any rate, while Huckabee and Romney do little to inspire (me), I do hope at least this much is true:
[Margaret Downey] claims atheists are "the fastest-growing minority in America."
And I thought the article was trying to highlight some sort of problem.

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