Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Marriage rates are at their lowest in England and Wales since records began over 150 years ago:
Marriage rates in England and Wales have plunged to their lowest rate since records began almost 150 years ago, according to the latest official figures.

Only a fraction more than two per cent of woman and 2.28 per cent of men over the age of 16 chose to get married in 2006.

The number of marriages for the whole year was just 236,980, a fall of four per cent on the previous year and lowest proportion of marriages since they were first recorded in 1862.

It is also the lowest number of marriages since 1895, when 228,204 tied the knot.

This is simply an outgrowth of the decline of Christianity in England and Western Europe. The cultural consequences will be devastating in the long term, and ultimately will result in the collapse of Western Civilization as we know it. Currently we are living off the built up cultural capital of the past centuries, but we ourselves are running a vast cultural deficit.


Jeff @ said...

It's also a function of the fact that Great Britain, like much of the civilized world, is simply dying out. Its birth rate is somewhere around 1.64 children per woman, well below the 2.1 or so replacement rate (and that including the significantly higher rate of the immigrant population there). And a great deal of the population that remains is beyond typical marriage age.

The Europe our children and grandchildren will know will be vastly different than the one we have known.

Bill said...

We do everything else on credit (as evidenced by our massive trade deficit). Borrowing on our culture is just par for the course.

It would seem that Great Britain's only hope is to be colonized by her former colonials (from Africa in particular) who still adhere to Christian orthodoxy.

Gardner Hall said...

Your blogs are always stimulating. The decline in faith in England is staggering. You've probably seen the polls. May God bless you in the move to Hickman Mills.