Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I know many of you are likely as interested in a beautifully bound Bible as I am. To explore the possibilities bookmark Mark Betrand's wonderfully addictive Bible Design & Binding blog. About a year and a half ago I had some email correspondance with Mark about a Testament that was coming apart on me. I ended up shipping it off to have it rebound. I finally sent Mark some pictures and a write-up about the process, which he has posted today: NASB NT Rebound by McSpadden Book Bindery.

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Robert L said...

Hi Alan, I looked at this post about the Bible rebinding. I get many requests here at the Library here in Guam about rebinding of Bibles. Restoration of Bibles is difficult because of the signature stitching and Personal note found in the gutters of the pages. Oh an Paper is always tricky if it is the onion skin type. But most Bibles these days have what they call Bible Paper. I have recommended folks out here to contact Houchen bindery.

Pastor's Bibles are like old friends that are seldom replaced. Here the Senior Pastor's Bible was in a fire. I tried to save it and the bindery sent it back and said it could not be saved. So he uses it for study.

Thanks for Sharing.