Thursday, November 06, 2008


In what would seem to be a counter-intuitive result considering Tuesday's overall election returns homosexual marriage was defeated in three states, two of which went for Obama:
In California, where same-sex marriage had been performed since June, the ban had more than 52 percent of the vote, according to figures by the secretary of state, and was projected to win by several Californian news media outlets. Opponents of same-sex marriage won by even bigger margins in Arizona and Florida. Just two years ago, Arizona rejected a similar ban.
Of particular interest is who supported the bans:

Exit polls in California found that 70 percent of black voters backed the ban. Slightly more than half of Latino voters, who made up almost 20 percent of voters, favored the ban, while 53 percent of whites opposed it.

Apparently minorities aren't buying homosexual marriage as a so-called civil rights issue, while whites are happy to go along with it.


Dave said...

Obama may have been the reason for the homosexual marriage ban passing in California because of the increased number of blacks voting for him and voting for the marriage ban at the same time.

I also read the startling statistic that almost one-half of black gpregnancies end in abortion. And, of course, to quote an old statisic, of the children that are allowed to live 70% are born into single parent black families.

President-elect Obama should use his historic position to tackle these problems but I'm not hopeful (pun intended).

Finally, didn't President-elect Obama blatantly steal "Yes we can" from that bastion of the middle-class "Bob the Builder." How will Bob and Joe the Plumber fare under Obama regime?

Eric Almquist said...

The 'tolerant' response by the homosexual community was wonderful to see. At least some media outlets showed the arrests outside that Mormon church.