Monday, January 11, 2010


This little beauty arrived a few weeks ago, a lovely pre-Christmas present. It's my second Bible from the Scottish firm of R.L. Allan, both ordered through the good folks at It is in single-column format (my preference) and is bound in Red Alhambra goatskin. In the second and third picture is the PSR with its R.L. Allan and ESV older brother bound in tan highland goatskin. And at the bottom is a Bible stack (loved by all readers of the dangerous Bible Design Blog) with a goatskin Cambridge Pitt Minion helping to form an ESV stairstep (click on each for a bigger image).


Erik said...


Fantastic pics! The red looks incredible! I currently own the PSR in Forest Tan/Trail Design Tru-tone and I thoroughly enjoy the layout, font and feel.

I just ordered the PSR in black highland goatskin and am itching to my paws on it. ;)

mike. said...

How about that update promised on the flex & feel of the pitt minion? Has it loosened up any?

ridiculously graced...