Thursday, March 09, 2006


It's not what we expected, I think. Rather than a couple of redneck Bubbas, three boy next door college students with an interest in theater were arrested for setting fire to nine rural Alabama churches. It all started as a prank and a joke, they said.

Their late night jollies have ruined their lives and are putting their families through grief they never imagined. And if you want leniency in Alabama, setting fire to nine Baptist churches is not the way to do it.


proudconservative said...

The justice system in Alabama should leave no doubt that "it all started as a joke" does not mitigate the crime or its punishment.

craig said...

I'm not sure why the police and press are so willing to accept the "light-hearted prank" explanation. Two of the accused called themselves Satanist. One had anger issues and joked about animal cruelty. Usually, this would set off alarm bells.