Friday, July 04, 2003


Despite worries (including here at theosebes), the valued treasures of Nimrud were not looted from the Iraqi Museum after all:
“These treasures were never stolen, we knew where they were all the time,” the senior central bank official in charge of the vaults said.
Now it was nice of them to let everyone know when charges were flying during the early days of U.S. occupation. Understandably the treasures were only displayed for an hour then stashed back away.

When we were in New York last week I was able to visit the wonderful exhibit at the Met: Art of the First Cities. It's well worth your time. My 3-year old and 10-month old were not as interested as lingering over the glass cases as I was, so my visit was not extended.

Biblical Archaeology Review has updates on both the Iraqi looting and the Met exhibit.

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