Friday, July 04, 2003


I'm sure Rabbi Gamaliel didn't intend it at the time, but his first century A.D. parody of Matthew's Gospel provides further evidence of the trustworthiness of the Biblical account. The Kansas City Star has a nice article giving an overview of evidence conveniently ignored by folks like the Jesus Seminar and the popular press:
Buried in ancient texts of Jewish historical works are fragments of evidence that appear to show the first book of the New Testament actually was written by one of Jesus' apostles.

One of these texts also challenges a long-held assertion that no ancient text except the Bible mentions Jesus' birth.

Taken together, the information lends support to the claims of some Christian scholars that Matthew actually wrote the Gospel bearing his name, a Gospel that more than the three others emphasized Jesus' Jewish roots.
The article is worth reading. It underscores an important point: Faith in Jesus Christ is a reasonable faith.

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