Saturday, December 13, 2003


Robert Cheeks has given us a fine review of my former teacher Clyde Wilson's new book, from Union to Empire:
For Clyde Wilson republicanism is not only an ideologly, it is the only political system that can guarantee the intrinsic needs of men: "liberty, order, and popular rule." He has studied America's republican founding, taught the subject to a phalanx of young men and women, arming them for the Jacobin wars, and defended the true republican history of this country. He is intimately aware that the nation has devolved into an effete social democracy where elitists, bureaucrats, job stockers, communists, and capitalists alike have all fastened themselves onto government like some parasite sucking the lifeblood out of the American people. And, before we grieve too much for the "American people," let us remember that it was Tom Brokaw's Greatest Generation that gave us FDR, LBJ, and state sponsored socialism. Mencken was right: we truly do get the government we deserve!

My trinity of political influences consists of Russell Kirk, Wendell Berry and Clyde Wilson. You'll never go wrong reading anything by any of them.

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