Friday, December 12, 2003


A school counselor in North Carolina has been suspended for answering a student's question about what the Bible had to say on homosexuality:
A dropout-prevention counselor at a North Carolina high school has been suspended for reportedly sharing Scripture with a student who was struggling with homosexuality.

Beth Pinto, 38, was suspended with pay from Concord High School in Cabarrus County pending an investigation into whether she gave the student religious advice.

Citing sources familiar with the situation, the Independent Tribune reports a female student came to Pinto and said she was wrestling with the issue of homosexuality. The girl asked Pinto, who is active in First Baptist Church in Concord, N.C., for the Bible's take on the matter. Pinto reportedly responded by sharing specific Scripture with the girl.

According to the local paper, a third person caught wind of the conversation and tipped off a school administrator.

One imagines a Polonius behind the curtain, waiting to hear if the Bible is mentioned. Perhaps this "third party" should have suffered the same fate.

I wonder what would have been the reaction if the student had requested information about a group that promotes the homosexual lifestyle. Well, I think we don't have to wonder at all--of course that would be okay.

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