Thursday, February 12, 2004


People continue to respond to a culture swirling downward in the toilet. A Valentine's Day display caught the ire of a woman who's had enough:
Books-A-Million on Wednesday removed a sexually explicit Valentine's Day display from its Hoover store after a visit from top Hoover police officials warning of an arrest.

The woman, Tena George, told police she saw two children, about 7 or 8 years old, looking through a book called "Wild Sex" last weekend.

The book was among about two dozen books on sexual intercourse on a display table labeled "For Your Romantic Valentine" in the center aisle.

The books had titles such as "The Wild Guide to Sex and Loving" and "Sex Toys." At least a dozen contained pictures of nude people in the act of sex, some on the cover....

The "X-rated material" was in the middle aisle of the store with easy access by children, Roper said. The table next to it had children's books on it.

State law says it is unlawful to openly and knowingly display for sale material harmful to minors at any business open to minors. Businesses are exempt if the material is in sealed wrappers or behind opaque covers so that the lower two-thirds of the cover is concealed from view and the content is unavailable for inspection by minors.

The material also must be displayed at least 5½ feet above the floor.

After first resisting police efforts to enforce the law, the store manager became more compliant when reminded he could be arrested for breaking the obscenity law.

How terrible that his 'free speech' rights were violated.

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