Tuesday, February 17, 2004


This is generally outside the purview of theosebes, but I wanted to point you to a column by Daniel Pearl's widow. Why? Well this paragraph describing her Pakastani friend "Captain" caught my attention
During this time, Captain got to know Danny. He met me, he met Danny's friends, his bosses, his writing. He saw Danny's mandolin lying there, in the house that had become the headquarters of our search. Captain even saw Danny's unmatched socks. "Danny," Captain concluded, "is the best of America."

It might seem odd to many, but when Daniel Pearl was kidnapped it made the rounds in traditional music circles, particularly fiddle and mandolin circles, that he was one of us. Some folks on my mandolin list had even played with him at open jams.

Sadly, Danny Pearl won't be playing that mandolin any longer. Mrs. Pearl deserves better from the Wall Street Journal.

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