Wednesday, August 31, 2005


In the midst of human misery it is often the loss of a symbol that speaks the strongest. According to reports Beauvoir the Biloxi retirement home of Jefferson Davis has been reduced to rubble and a frame, the Presidential library gutted. The home needs friends more than ever.

On my one trip to Biloxi several years ago I remember how proudly it stood looking out over the Gulf coast in stark contrast to the floating casino just down the coastal road. Let us hope at least as much attention is paid to its restoration as is to rebuilding those casinos.


Chris said...


I was in Biloxi and New Orleans this past spring. My wife and I stopped to see Beauvoir and I was deeply impressed with how good of a job had been done with both the museum and the house. What a loss!

Chris Cotten

Wild Bill said...

NPR (yes, NPR) ran a piece on Beauvoir this morning. From the statments by the state curator, they are determined to rebuild the house and restore it to its former condition.