Friday, December 16, 2005


A long forgotten post has suddenly attracted some attention. The original post dates from July 1, 2004, and deals with a California inmate named Ramzee Johnson who was being denied the ability to be baptized in accordance with his religious beliefs. Apparently someone connected to the sheriff's found the post yesterday and is quite defensive about it all. Make sure you read the comments.


proudconservative said...

Well, Alan this issue reminds me of those hypothetical Bible class discussions swirling around such questions as: "If a person was converted in Death Valley and therefore had no water available for immersion, would that person be saved if the Lord came back before they got to some water?" I will agree that our brethren in the Church of Christ have held to some beliefs that that they need not hold. But the Bible is explicit about baptism and some people cannot get over their human embarrassment that God would require such an unseemly (to them) exercise for the remission of sins. Pentecostals are all about feelings and if one feels that they are saved then they must be.

Wild Bill said...

The absurdity of this story is that the jail officials have NO legal basis for denying an accomodation if it can be done without compromising security. It's simply a first amendment violation under current law. You have to provide reasonable accomodation to religious beliefs and the Sheriff's department did not do it. The inflatable pool is enough to get it past the Sheriff's objections.

It's just another example of how bureaucrats (including those with badges) make arbitrary rules and waste taxpayers' money. They're lucky he didn't sue because then they'd have to accomodate his baptism and pay his lawyer's fees.