Thursday, December 08, 2005


The library in Bartlett, TN (just outside Memphis) has decided, after a mayoral intervention, to put Jesus in their nativity scene. Oddly, they were going to have a nativity scene without the Child:
Brandi Chambless is one happy woman after hearing her nativity scene will be now allowed in the Bartlett Library. It took an order from Bartlett's mayor to put Christ back into this Christmas display. Chambless is thrilled, "It means so much and we're very thankful to the mayor for doing that." Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald heard the library had banned the religious figurines from a nativity display and would only allow barnyard animals to be shown.(emphasis added, nac)

Now how boneheaded is it to have a nativity scene with only barnyard animals?


Chuck Anziulewicz said...

It's no more boneheaded than evangelicals pressing for religious displays on taxpayer-supported property. Is it not enough for you to put your nativity scenes in front of your homes and your churches? I should think it would be.

Alan said...

Missing the point as usual, Chuck. They are having a nativity scene but with only barnyard animals--no nativity. If you don't want to have a nativity scene then don't have one, but don't call it a nativity scene and just have cows and sheep. That is boneheaded.

Chuck Anziulewicz said...

Dear Alan:

I haven't missed your point at all. A "nativity scene" with just shepherds and barnyard animals IS boneheaded. But the whole dispute wasn't started by public library workers who said to themselves, "Oh, it's the Holiday Season. Time to put out the cow figurines!"

Anonymous said...

The whole problem could be solved by eliminating public libraries.

There might be some justification for public libraries if people actually checked out serious books--if citizens used them to inform their democratic decisions.

But why should I have to subsidize free video rentals?

Chuck Anziulewicz said...

Hey, THERE'S an idea: Eliminate public libraries!

I'm reminded of Hypatia and the Library at Alexandia ...