Friday, September 15, 2006


The Churches Advertising Network of Britain is preparing its Christmas church campaign with a picture of Jesus in a lager:
The poster -- which shows a glass with the words "Where will you find him?" -- will spearhead the Churches Advertising Network (CAN) campaign to boost attendance in the run-up to the Christian festive season.

CAN chairman Francis Goodwin said Thursday he hoped the poster and accompanying radio adverts would spark a debate about religion. A discussion page on the online site will run in parallel.

"The message is subtle but simple -- where is God in all the boozing at Christmas?" said Goodwin, whose group is made up of Christians of all denominations working the British media and advertising.

"For many, Christmas is just drinking and partying and God is excluded, yet many young people are interested in finding deeper meaning and exploring faith."

The poster is a nod to the occasional discoveries of holy images in everyday objects, from the face of Jesus in a frying pan, toast or fish finger, his mother Mary on a toasted cheese sandwich and even Mother Teresa in a sticky bun.

Well, a couple of those and people will see about anything they want to, I suppose.

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Chuck Anziulewicz said...

I suppose if you can find Jesus in a chalice of wine, no reason why you can't find Him in a pint (or two) of good lager.