Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Fox is furthering its venture into Christian films with FoxFaith, which seeks to capitalize on a market discovered by Mel Gibson's The Passion:
The home entertainment division of Rupert Murdoch's movie studio plans to produce as many as a dozen films a year under a banner called FoxFaith. At least six of those films will be released in theaters under an agreement with two of the nation's largest chains, AMC Theatres and Carmike Cinemas.

The first theatrical release, called "Love's Abiding Joy," is scheduled to hit the big screen Oct. 6. The movie, which cost about $2 million to make, is based on the fourth installment of Christian novelist Janette Oke's popular series, "Love Comes Softly."

Okay, films based on 'Christian novels' interest me not in the least, but I do suspect there is a market for them. They're probably fairly harmless, but most of these modern 'Christian novels' tend to be rather lifeless, sentimental and formulaic, I suspect. It seems other studios may be doing faith oriented films with a little more meat to them:
Other studios also are beginning to dip an oar into Christian waters. New Line Cinema's "The Nativity Story," scheduled to be released in December, tells the story of Mary and Joseph seeking shelter to give birth to Jesus. Legendary Pictures, which has a multi-film deal with Warner Bros., is planning to make a movie version of John Milton's epic 17th century poem about the fall of man, "Paradise Lost."

Theosebes has previously discussed 'The Nativity Story', but this is the first I've read of a 'Paradise Lost' adaptation. There's a lot of potential there, of course.

What we'll find with 'Christian films' is what we'll find with all films that Hollywood does. Most of it will be worthless with the occasional gem thrown in.

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Drew Kizer said...

Paradise Lost! Now, I would be interested in that. Revenues from High School students who are taking English Lit alone would cover the costs of production.