Saturday, January 20, 2007


VIJAYWADA--We have arrived at Vijaywada after a six hour drive from Hyderabad this morning. We are essentially having a mini-weekend meeting at the neighboring city of Guntur, with Berry Kercheville speaking tonight (Saturday) and me speaking on Sunday. Then we'll drive back to Hyderabad on Sunday afternoon. No one from our group has visited the church in Guntur since Bill Robinson did in 2004. We want to make sure to stay in contact with the bretheren there.

The picture at the left is not captioned 'Who is uglier?'. This is me in front of a giant statue of the monkey god Hanuman at a temple just outside Vijaywada. I also saw my first monkeys (live normal sized ones) in India along the way. The area we drove through is heavily agricultural with lots of rice being grown, but also cotton and other crops. It was the first time I had ever seen tobacco ready to be topped in January.

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Luke Chandler said...

Personally, I think there's no contest that you look somewhat better than the monkey god.
I'm glad your trip is going well and that you survived the treacherous ascent/descent to and from Shillong.
Stay safe and best wishes for the remainder of your trip. I hope the brethren are strengthened and encouraged by your work and presence.