Saturday, January 13, 2007


That's what the handbill stuck in my hotel room door said, but I didn't think anything of it. Not being a lady I didn't figure it was really my concern. Until I realized 'Cloud 9' was an establishment right above my room. And 'Ladies Night' lasted until 2 AM. I can tell you, they partied like it was 1989 (not a typo). 'We Will Rock You' can really pound through the walls.

Tonight until 2:30 AM at Cloud 9 is 'Jammin'' with some act that I'm sure is destined for Indian Idol fame. I can hardly wait.

Today after teaching classes Bill Robinson and I had the world's worst taxi ride. The guy apparently is gearing up for a career as a New York City cab driver. He was a skinny young Muslim, and busily puffing away on a cigarrette when we got in. It wasn't long before he had the techno pop cranked up LOUD. Maybe he was the disc jockey from Ladies Night, I'm not sure. The drivers here love to cut their engine and coast downhill on the hilly roads. He loved it, too. He also seemed to revel in finding the most congested routes possible, the ones with lots of truck exhaust. Techno pop still pumping. All the while I was suffering through, shall we say, gastro-intestinal challenges, which added to my eagerness to arrive at the hotel. Apparently our cab driving friend was pleased with his job, though, as the promised fare of 60 rupees became 70 upon our arrival.

Signing off from Alfie's Internet Express. Next stop should be Bangalore on Monday.

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