Friday, January 12, 2007


Well, the 'Scotland of the East' at least: Shillong, India. After a three and a half hour corkscrew drive from Guwahati up a mountain with a constant stream of trucks heading straight at us we made it to Shillong. The road was so curvy I'm pretty sure we met ourselves going the opposite direction at least three times.

Here's a question: Why can several people be talking on their cells phones at a roadside mart halfway up the mountain to Shillong and I can't get a signal at Sammy's Grocery Store in Alabama?

This morning I discovered my stall-less shower had no hot water. Later I learned the hot water is turned on at 6 AM. Ah. Good thing I waited.

I have a fantastic picture that I've tried to upload, but no go. When I'm somewhere other than Alfie's Internet Cafe it may work.

More soon.

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Amberly said...

I enjoy reading your blog! Glad to hear you made it to India safely! We will be praying for you and for your efforts. Looking forward to seeing you and your family in February!