Tuesday, February 20, 2007


An Italian judge has ordered an abortion for a 13 year-old girl who wants to keep her baby:
An Italian judge has ordered a thirteen year-old girl to have an abortion because her parents are opposed to their daughter giving birth. The decision relies on laws in Italy that allow parents to make the pregnancy decisions for their teenage children.
The girl, from Torino, did not want to have an abortion but the ruling will compel her to do so.

The Italian newspaper La Stampa reports the decision has caused the teenager so much stress she has contemplated suicide and needed to receive psychological help as a result.

The unnamed girl became pregnant after have sexual relations with her 15 year-old boyfriend but she decided the best course of action was keeping the baby.

Obviously the choice to have premarital sex was a bad one, and no one thinks that a 13 year-old should have a baby, but that bridge has already been crossed. The baby is unaware of and not responsible for any of this. For the state to compound a poor choice with forced murder is unconscionable.


GrannyGrump said...

Interestingly enough, I've not seen prochoicers blogging about this. Hm....

Wild Bill said...

This is the logical progression of the pro-abortion ideology, which, their denials aside, assumes abortion is the better choice, certainly for young, unmarried women. Of course, it's also a cautionary note to pro-lifers against placing to many of their hopes in the state. Granting the state the power to interfere with the family can boomerang when leftists and haridans (like H. Clinton) come into power.

"Put not your trust in princes," as the Psalmist wrote.

Anonymous said...

Given their stated position on parental choice, I suspect most of them would be against it if they've heard about it. But I've been surprised before.