Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Her Kabbalah name might be 'Esther', but her mom-name quickly is becoming 'June Cleaver'. Madonna has told her daughter Lourdes to dress less provocatively:
These days, the rules of Madonna's household are more along the lines of "like a virgin" than "express yourself." The pop icon is getting a taste of her own medicine — from her 10-year-old daughter Lourdes — and finding that with motherhood comes prudishness.

In a grand twist of irony, Madonna — who posed nude for her "Sex" book, simulated a sex act on a water bottle in her "Truth and Dare" movie, passionately embraced an African-American Jesus in her "Like a Prayer" video and kissed Britney Spears at the MTV Video Music Awards — is having to tell Lourdes not to dress so provocatively, The New York Post's Page Six reports.

"My daughter is going through a phase of wearing jeans so tight she can't bend her knees in them," Madonna told British Elle, according to Page Six. "I have a go at her and say, 'Can't you wear something else? You have a closet full of clothes and you wear the same pants every day. ...

"'And please wear a belt because I don't want to see your butt crack when you bend over.'"

Momma don't preach?


Bryan said...

I will now hold my breath while I wait for her to apologize for the influence that her public behavior has had on other people's children.

Wild Bill said...

Funny how folks are suddenly able to appreciate the implications of immoral and licentious conduct when they are considering their children.