Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Having been taken to task in an email by Truth in Love blogger Jeff Barnes for dropping the ball in Theosebes coverage of the recent Fred Thompson-James Dobson dustup, I wanted to make things right. While Theosebes slept, The Christian Chronicle was on the case of whether or not Fred Thompson really is a "member of the Church of Christ", which his spokesman assures us he was "baptized into".

I was amused at this little bit of assurance reported by TCC:
David Pinckley, treasurer of the Pulaski Street Church of Christ in Thompson’s hometown of Lawrenceburg, Tenn., said the two grew up together.

“We went to school together, played football, went to church for many years here in Lawrenceburg,” Pinckley told the Chronicle on Friday.

“I don’t know his religious status right now, but we were both baptized around 1951-1952 maybe,” Pinckley added. “We were either 10 or 11 years old. He was baptized at the First Street church in Lawrenceburg. It’s a non-institutional church now, but it wasn’t then.”

However, his mother apparently attends the Brentwood Church of Christ, a known non-institutional group.

So the question is still open: Is Fred Thompson a lapsed institutionalist or a lapsed 'anti'? Perhaps the good folks at The Christian Chronicle will stay on the case.


Jeff @ truth-in-love.com said...

"Taken to task"? Nah. Nagged and annoyed, maybe.

jdavidb said...

Brentwood? Oh, Tennessee.

I spent the first half of my childhood at Brentwood Church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX, so it's a little odd to see it identified as a non-institutional group. :)

Alan said...

It sounds more dramatic that way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan,

Yes, we're still on the case at The Christian Chronicle! But so far, we haven't really cleared up the mystery. :)

Thanks for providing the link to our story on your blog.

-- Bobby

Marshall Reid said...

Hi. I was directed to your blog by my friend Jeff Barnes. I noticed you're in Wilsonville, AL. Not too far away from me. I worship with the Edwards Lake church of Christ in B'ham/Trussville. Are you the preacher in Wilsonville?

Regarding Fred Thompson, from what I've read elsewhere, he has been divorced (unscripturally) and remarried and attends the United Church of Christ, which as you may know, is extremely liberal. Personally, from the information I've been able to gather, he's not following the Biblical pattern for what we call New Testament Christianity.

Alan said...

Marshall, thanks for stopping by Theosebes.

Yes, I do preach in Wilsonville, and we've had the opportunity to visit Edward's Lake a number of times.

The entire look at Sen. Thompson's religious status was somewhat tongue in cheek. Note that I referred to him as 'lapsed' either way.