Sunday, April 29, 2007

PREACHING THIS MORNING...'Lust & Adultery' (Mat 5:27-32) from my series on the Sermon on the Mount. The heart to the matter is commitment, both to God's kingdom, and to our relationships.

Our song leader called me last night to get the sermon topic so he could pick songs to go with it. When I told him 'Lust & Adultery' he decided he might go in a different direction...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your loyal theosebes readers (both of us) would be happy to suggest some appropriate songs on "lust and adultery."


Anonymous said...

I always wondered who the other reader of this blog was. Is "Lust and Adultry" an Index heading in the back of the songbook?


Alan said...

Actually I had to hand it to him. He came up with the song below, which we put on Powerpoint. Operating under the theory that anything can be sung to the tune of 'Amazing Grace', he adapted his own song:

John 8:1-11
Tune: Amazing Grace

They brought a woman caught in sin
To Jesus to condemn,
But Jesus said, “He without sin
Must cast the firstmost stone.”

Then He stooped down and wrote upon
The ground as they stood by,
When He looked up there was no one
Only the woman nigh.

Go ye, my child, and sin no more,
Your sins, they are forgiv’n;
Now live for Him who set you free,
And you shall enter heaven.