Thursday, May 24, 2007


recently, one a burial site in England:
ROMAN burial sites found by archaeologists have been desc-ribed as some of the most important in Britain.

They were discovered during a survey on land next to the A2 in Gravesend.

Oxford Archaeology made the finds during surveys for Skanska Construction undertaken before work started on the Highways Agency Pepperhill to Cobham road-widening project.

Burial sites for three high-status Romans have been unearthed, containing belongings such as bronzewear, gaming boards, clay vessels and fashion accessories.

And a second in Ephesus:
A relief of an ancient gladiator has been found in the Turkish city of Ephesus.

Austrian archaeologists working at the city's Marble Hall of the Hillside Houses II found the reliefs on marble columns in the ancient Turkish property.

Lead archaeologist Professor Fritz Krinzinger from the Austrian Archaeology Institute told the Turkish Daily News: "We unearthed two marble columns with two gladiators relief, which we believe were used in the barriers of a structure in the area.

"The findings will be handed over to Ephesus Museum according to Turkish law," he added, meaning that visitors will be able to see the reliefs.

The gladiator reliefs were found as part of restoration works on the Marble Hall, while excavations are continuing in the southern parts of Ephesus' ancient theatre.
Fun stuff, as always.

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