Tuesday, May 08, 2007


...Get a Divorce' is the new ad campaign for a Chicago law firm:
The ad is sponsored by Fetman, Garland & Associates, Ltd., a law firm specializing in divorce. The billboard is complete with two scantily clad bodies — one male and one female — telling people that "Life's short, get a Divorce." It's located near the intersection of State and Bellevue streets.

...the law firm calls the ad "cutting edge" and is making no apologies for it. Lawyers there say the ad isn't for everyone, but instead targets couples looking for a way out of a bad marital situation.

You like to see that. The firm plans more of the ads in Chicago's glitzy, deep-pocketed areas.

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Bill said...

This ad campaign has elicited deep dismay among lawyers in my trial association. I maintain it is unethical as it tends to bring the profession into disrepute. Others say it is just "bad taste." To which I retort, from Brodsky, "Aesthetics is the mother of ethics."

This woman should be subject of bar disciplinary action. (BTW, no cracks like "how can you bring the legal profession into disrepute?")