Friday, May 11, 2007


As the father of three girls, I'm particularly aware of the raunch culture exposed by Colleen Carroll Campbell:
Girls as young as five moan Britney’s racy lyrics, while their sisters in elementary and middle school copy Nicole’s compulsive dieting, Lindsay’s brazen flashing, and Paris’ sultry stare. Young women are now groomed from girlhood to arouse sexual attention by posting suggestive messages on their personal web pages and wearing the same risqué fashions as their Bratz dolls. Newsweek recently chronicled the rise of these “prosti-tots” – girls as young as seven “who dress like tarts” and dream of breast implants as high-school graduation gift.

Aspiring young exhibitionists can find role models everywhere these days, from the coeds who disrobe for “Girls Gone Wild” camera crews and publish pornographic pictures of themselves in student-run magazines, to mothers who take pole-dancing classes and wear the same see-through blouses and skin-tight jeans as their teenage daughters....

You can see them in the mall, tugging nervously at their skimpy shorts and halter tops, straining to see how men react to their little bellies flouncing out of low-slung jeans. They look more exploited than empowered as they fuss and cringe, adjust and squirm. How odd that in an age when girls have more athletic and academic opportunities than ever, girlhood has become a high-pressure dress-rehearsal for adult mating games.

How any father can let their daughters prance around like that is beyond me. Moms may not fully understand, but every dad knows what goes through the mind of boys and men when they see more than they need to see. It's time to put the kibosh on 'Bratz' dolls, et al, and actually try something normal and wholesome with little girls. They're little girls, and they don't need to own make-up (until their teen years, and then with great restraint), wear bustiers or generally dress like they're aspiring Hooters waitresses.

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blackhanddpants said...

So right! I think fashion designers must hate women, because girls' and womens' 'fashions' right now come in two varieties: Little Old Lady, and Slut. That's how the people designing clothes for us see us, and it makes me sick.

The pendulum may be swinging a little bit; I did notice that in the department stores this year, the young girls' shorts actually have inseams. Imagine!

Jen B.

Jeff @ said...

I was never more thankful to have no daughters than when my wife pointed out they make thongs for 8 year olds now...

Bill said...

Sluttiness is widespread, I'm afraid. Of course, these young girls know exactly what they're doing. It's hard to suppress laughter when you seem them walking up the escalators in the Metro (yes, this is Washington, D.C., we walk up the escalators), holding the rear waistband of their jeans to keep their pants from falling down. Reminds me of the story from the old woman who advises young ladies not to put anything in the display window that isn't for sale. Such is no longer the definition of "street smarts", I'm afraid.