Thursday, September 13, 2007

FAITH & THOUGHT, Shane Scott's new blog, is up and running. Shane is an old friend (by 'old' I mean he's older than I am) and a fellow Kentuckian (although he has been known to support IU on occasion). Shane currently is discussing his decision to switch to the English Standard Version. Maybe he'll convince me to do the same (but all my Powerpoints have NASB-u!).


Jared Saltz said...

Oh Alan,

Lets face it, you were going to rework all of those old Powerpoints anyway.

jdavidb said...

NASB-u? I spent about $75 to get a plain-text NASB-1977 so I could stick with the original, inspired version as I moved into the computer age.

You're all apostates, the lot of you! :P