Friday, September 07, 2007


New 'anti-harrasment' laws meant to protect homosexuals have church officials in England concerned about lawsuits:
The Government is proposing to introduce the laws to protect individuals from hostile or humiliating “environments” as part of an overhaul of discrimination legislation.

But Christian lawyers and the Church of England warned that Christians could face legal action if they offended gays by expressing the traditional teaching that homosexual sex was immoral.

The row follows the bitter battle last year over the Sexual Orientation Regulations, which many Christians fear will erode religious freedom and are part of a growing secularisation of society.

The Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship said that the new proposals, which may be included in a Single Equality Bill, could allow gays to sue if they heard a sermon that condemned homosexuality.

It added that while a church could “gently refuse membership” to an unrepentant, practising homosexual, “that person, if they felt that they had been put in a 'humiliating position’, could sue the Church.”

This is the angle that secularists are going to use to go after church doctrine they find not in keeping with modern open-mindedness. Of course, as always, open-mindedness never includes toleration of long-standing religious views.

It can happen here.

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