Tuesday, September 18, 2007

then start praying

Redbook magazine (okay, no I don't read Redbook magazine, but a Theosebes reader apparently does; name withheld to protect the guilty) tells us '5 Things Super-Happy Couples Do Every Day', and considering the source one of them is mighty surprising: prayer:
In another University of Chicago survey, this one of married couples, 75 percent of the Americans who pray with their spouses reported that their marriages are "very happy" (compared to 57 percent of those who don't). Those who pray together are also more likely to say they respect each other, discuss their marriage together, and -- stop the presses -- rate their spouses as skilled lovers....

After two 1,000-mile moves, the birth of three children, and two job changes, all in the past four years, those difficult decisions had begun to take a toll. So when Beth asked Doug, a nonreligious and self-proclaimed man of science, to try praying with her, he figured they had nothing to lose.

"I soon found that praying together brings out a real sense of selflessness and humility," Doug says. "When you're praying for each other, not yourself, you're focused together and speaking from the heart on a whole different level. I would never have predicted this for us, but it really works."

Of course, the article focuses on the husband and wife, but just imagine how one's relationship to God is improved. And imagine how willing God is to answer our prayers when we actually pray them. I suspect Redbook may be on to something.

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