Wednesday, January 14, 2004


is 'Meglomaniac', er, 'Evangelist' on the top ten dream jobs:
9. Evangelist. Apparently we're a spiritually needy people. Witness America's several "great awakenings" and the role religion plays in politics even today, and wherever there's a need there's an exploitable market. Enter the evangelist, who enjoys all the power and prestige of a captain of industry or big-time politician but without having to answer to a pesky board of directors or the electorate. Choose your role model from among Cotton Mather, the Billys (Sunday and Graham), Reverend Ike and Jim and Tammy Faye.
Downside: The sense of megalomania you develop may lead to embarrassing if not fatal consequences (see Jim Jones and David Koresh), and don't forget the Internal Revenue Service.

Yes, my power and prestige are practically unlimited.

[Thanks to Susanna of cotb for the link]

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