Monday, January 19, 2004


Shmuley Boteach reacts with understandable disgust at Michael, Britney and the rest:
Michael Jackson's contemptuous display outside the Santa Barbara district court on Friday is indicative of all that is wrong with the celebrity culture. While you and I were raised to respect the law, the idols of the celebrity age believe they are above any kind of law. As are all gods.

You and I may have been raised to have a modicum of respect for the institution of marriage. But for a celebrity like Britney Spears, it's just something to do when you get drunk.

And why do celebrities act this way? It's our fault:
There is a greater chance that the Mars Rover will find life on the red planet than we here on Earth will find a wholesome celebrity. There are many reasons why our famous people are so damaged, but here's an uncomfortable truth that most of us refuse to acknowledge: Celebrities behave without restraint because we allow them to.

We, the public, not only tolerate, but are entertained by these disgusting displays. Rather than finding their virtual wife-swapping – as they marry and divorce each other within days or weeks – disgusting and outrageous, we pay to read about it in Us Weekly.

He's right, of course. If we stop celebrating the celebrities and instead hold them accountable, their pocketbooks will demand they stop their behavior. At least they'd be discreet when they act this way.

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