Tuesday, January 27, 2004


The Jewish Anti-Defamation League's Abe Foxman lied to gain entrance to an advance screening of Mel Gibson's movie 'The Passion'. But it wasn't his fault. You see, Mel made him do it:
Foxman said he had no choice but to lie. "I am sorry we had to engage in stealth tactics, but only because he (Gibson) forced us to," he told the Orlando Sentinel. Foxman told The New York Times he initially felt bad about sneaking in, but then changed his mind.

"I decided yesterday, `Why am I uncomfortable? Let him (Gibson) be uncomfortable.' For him to say, `You can only see it if you love it'? I felt it was my moral duty to see it," he said.

Other Jewish leaders who saw the film last week said they went in openly. David Elcott, interfaith director for the American Jewish Committee, saw the film in Chicago and said he was "completely upfront" about his affiliation and was welcomed warmly.

Foxman, who registered as a Christian pastor in order to see the fillm, found its portrayal of Jews "painful to watch."

No word on whether the crucifixion of the Son of God was painful to watch.

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