Monday, November 22, 2004


Regardless of whether they voted for 'values' in the Presidential election or not, Americans whether red or blue are still The New York Times > Business > Media & Advertising >watching bad tv:
In interviews, representatives of the four big broadcast networks as well as Hollywood production studios said the nightly television ratings bore little relation to the message apparently sent by a significant percentage of voters.

The choices of viewers, whether in Los Angeles or Salt Lake City, New York or Birmingham, Ala., are remarkably similar. And that means the election will have little impact on which shows they decide to put on television, these executives say.

It is possible that some secondary characters on new television shows will exhibit strong religious beliefs, and an occasional plotline may examine the impact of faith on some characters' lives. But with "Desperate Housewives" and "C.S.I." leading the ratings, television shows are far more likely to keep pumping from the deep well of murder, mayhem and sexual transgression than seek diversion along the straight and narrow path.

For some reason, people are a lot more willing to vote for their (self-perceived) values in the voting booth than the television. If the red states really want to have an impact they'll start changing the channel--or even (*gasp*) turning the television off.


Anonymous said...

I suspect people vote based how they want other people to act - or be forced to act. Odd how their choices for themselves so often don't match. Something about a log in the eye comes to mind ...

Sherry said...

Does this survey actually indicate that many people are NOT turning the TV off? Or does it just say that those who are watching in Kansas are watching about the same shows as those who are watching in LA or NYC? I know a lot of Christina families who have quit watching TV altogether. We watch very little, and I've never seen CSI or Desperate Housewives (thank goodness).