Friday, January 21, 2005


One of last year's movies that wanted to see, but never got around to, was Luther starring Joseph Fiennes. It's now out on DVD and my wife and I watched it last night. I must say, I was quite impressed. Obviously there is a lot of complexity that cannot be adequately shown in two hours, but the points were clearly made. I'm sure Catholics would feel church abuses were shown with a heavy hand, but it was just those abuses that drove the honest monk Luther into Luther the reformer.

One of the most striking themes to me personally was Luther's often heated rants in private against Satan, whose presence he felt so very strongly. The way to prospering spiritually becomes all the clearer the stronger our own recognition of sin and temptation grows.

I'll give the movie a solid thumbs up, as did my wife who does not always jump into my historical movies with the same gusto that I have.

You may want to see this earlier review as well, which gives a good overall plot summary, list of stars, etc.

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