Thursday, January 27, 2005


After accepting an ad for the "Today's NIV" Bible, then rejecting it and sending the check back, Rolling Stone has decided Zondervan's money is green, too:
After initially rejecting an advertisement for a new, highly promoted translation of the Bible, Rolling Stone magazine has reversed course and decided to run it.

The ad for Zondervan's new Bible, called Today's New International Version, will appear in the magazine's Feb. 24 edition.

"We're thrilled that they've decided to accept our ad for the TNIV," Doug Lockhart, Zondervan's executive vice president of marketing, said Tuesday.

The music magazine, which has 1.2 million readers, sent the nation's largest Bible publisher a contract accepting the half-page ad for the issue, which hits newsstands Feb. 11.

Zondervan received the contract Monday from Rolling Stone publisher Wenner Media LLC without any explanation for its change of heart, Lockhart said.

"Internal miscommunications" have been corrected, according to Rolling Stone.

The counterculture message of the the Bible again infiltrates the cultural establishment.

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