Thursday, January 20, 2005


Rolling Stone magazine has taken a stand against a controversial ad, finding it unsuitable for its readership. That's right, you can't promote the Bible in Rolling Stone:
Rolling Stone magazine accepted advertising for a company selling a T-shirt emblazoned with the image of Jesus Christ. Indeed, a color ad with the image of Jesus and the message, "Put down the drugs and come get a hug," appears on page 71 of the current issue.

But when it came to running an ad for a new Bible aimed at twentysomethings, the magazine said forget it.

With little warning, the youth-worshipping Rolling Stone reneged on a deal forged nine months ago with Zondervan, the nation's largest Bible publisher, ultimately rejecting the company's ad for "Today's New International Version" of the Bible — "TNIV" for short.

"We were surprised and disappointed," said Doug Lockhart, spokesman for the Michigan-based publisher, which sells more than 6 million Bibles per year.

"We have no comment on the situation," a Rolling Stone spokeswoman said yesterday.

The Bible publisher remains mystified.

"Initially, Rolling Stone was excited, and we were excited. The fees had all been negotiated. They had second thoughts, I think, when they saw the ad itself," Mr. Lockhart said. "Their first comment was that this just wasn't 'the right time.' We really wish they'd reconsider."

If Rolling Stone wants something really radical, then try Jesus Christ's book.

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