Monday, January 10, 2005


Linda Schrock Taylor smells a rat with homeschooling curriculum stalwart Saxon Math:
I have communicated with sellers of homeschooling materials who explain that Harcourt refuses to sell them any hardback books, hinting of some contract Harcourt signed with schools. If this is true, the contract supposedly prevents H.A. from selling the previous hardback editions to homeschoolers. If such a contract exists, it was a ridiculous decision with grave implications....

...[A] decision to restrict sales would make sense if the following rumor is in actuality a truth: that Saxon's goal may be to dumb down the homeschooling children with these new materials. In light of the suggestion of a contract to restrict sales, this additional tip/rumor causes me to wonder whether state schooling could be pressuring Saxon to harm homeschooling in hopes of compromising the academic progress that homeschooled students are making; of putting an end to homeschooled students excelling as publicly schooled students fail.

If Saxon has sold out under their new ownership, other options will appear. Homeschoolers are a resourceful lot. But why would Saxon actively seek to alienate what has been a segment of its business that has given it nothing but loyalty and support?


Anonymous said...

Home schoolers getting a little paranoid, maybe?

Kentucky Packrat said...

Anonymous says: "Home schoolers getting a little paranoid, maybe?"

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get to you. :) Here, you have a major homeschool text writer as a minor division of a textbook vendor which is dependant for its profit margin on the decisions of groups (school boards, administrators, teachers groups, etc.) who are generally opposed to homeschooling. This is rather discerning, at the least.

My wife and I were looking at changing Number 1 Son's math program this year. He is a math wiz, and A Beka wasn't pushing him as much as we'd have liked, so I started reading Saxon Math info on the web. I was surprised to find that Saxon didn't look much more challenging than A Beka, so we just kept going with A Beka.

I have NO idea if this is true, but I wouldn't be surprised.